Prof. Dr. João Porto de Albuquerque



Assistant Professor of Information Systems at the School of Arts, Sciences and Humanities of the University of São Paulo. New homepage at:

I'm a Postdoctoral Research Fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation at Department Informatics of the University of Hamburg. My research interests are concentrated around understanding the social and organisational aspects of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). I'm currently working with qualitative research methods, building upon theories from science and technology studies (e.g. actor-network theory) and social studies of Information Systems to investigate sociotechnical aspects of how ICTs are developed and used. Furthermore, I'm also interested on the epistemic and methodological foundations of computing disciplines, and their relation to trans- and interdisciplinarity.



I received my B.Sc. (2002) and Ph.D. in Computer Science (2006) from the Institute of Computing at the State University of Campinas, Brazil. During the doctoral studies my research work was directed to the modelling of security policies for the mangement of security services in complex networks. Part of the research work was performed in a two-year research stay (2004-2006) in the Working Group Computer Networks and Distributed Systems of the Department Informatics at University of Dortmund with funding provided by a scholarship of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Further information about this research can be found here.


Research Topics:

Information Systems in Organisations (in German)

Business Process Modeling

Software Quality

Science and Technology Studies

Transdisciplinarity and Information Systems Research

Information Security


Recent Papers:

Porto de Albuquerque, J., Christ, M. (2007). Formal Models, Flexible Processes? Lessons from a socio-technical analysis of business process modelling. Scientia (Unisinos), v. 18, p. 15-23, 2007. PDF Publisher's Site

Porto de Albuquerque, J., Simon, E.J. (2007). Dealing with Socio-Technical Complexity: Towards a transdisciplinary approach to IS research. In: Hubert Österle, Joachim Schelp, Robert Winter (Eds.), Proceedings of the 15th European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS 2007), 2007, p. 1458-1468. PDF

Porto de Albuquerque, J., Simon, E., Rolf, A., Wahoff, J.-H. (2007). Ein transdisziplinärer Rahmen für die GeNeMe. In: Meißner K. / Engelien. M. (Hrsg.) Virtuelle Organisation und Neue Medien 2007. Workshop GeNeMe 2007 Gemeinschaften in Neuen Medien. Dresden: TUDpress, 2007. p. 15-26. Pre-Print


Curriculum Vitae:

Short Version (PDF), full curriculum at the CNPq-Lattes platform (in portuguese). For publications, you can check my entries at the DBLP Bibliography Server and Google Scholar.